1. love burns

    in the silence
    the last of all silences
    beholds true emptiness
    true darkness
    it’s not what I’m feeling
    this is just a part of it
    that never grows up
    or dies
    it’s me who grows weak
    unable to stop and turn
    walk away from the fire
    instead I walk through it
    it burns
    but what can I do
    if this makes me feel alive
    feel part of it all
    what can I do
    if not staying here in the fire
    what can I do
    if I’m hipnotized
    by this feeling I called love
    and love burns

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    my face

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  3. happiness

    Ok, I missed it.
    I missed this feeling.
    This raw feeling of happiness
    that makes you feel so fragile.
    But what i missed the most,
    and I continue to do it,
    is the powerful feeling
    of having enough control
    to be able to keep the joy,
    make this intermittent laughter
    in an unending bliss
    and dream about dying
    surrounded by friends and family,
    surrounded by the love I harvest
    throughout this cloud of chances,
    with a smile in my pale
    dead face on fire
    and become a cheerful cinder ghost
    lastly dancing in the wind
    trying to blow the horns
    that should welcome me
    to my next chance.


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  6. light sources

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  8. pelo largo

  9. alcánzame, ya te fuiste

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  13. expectations


  14. nosotros

    Es tan fácil que te vayas con cualquiera. Es tan fácil que te vayas y me dejes aquí solo. Es que a veces no te veo y solo me queda pensar… Y sobrepienso las cosas y nunca termina bien. Ya he escuchado que me amas, me lo dices a diario, pero es que a veces me cuesta creerte y a veces me cuesta decirlo también. Es que nunca aprendí a amar, a amarte. Tampoco aprendí a enojarme ni a decir lo que me come por dentro, suerte tuve que aprendí a escribir. Siento que piensas menos en mí y que cualquiera puede llegar sin la necesidad de que lo pienses y termines por olvidarme. Y cuando me veas dirás que me amas tan solo por costumbre pero pensarás en ese otro y yo me enteraré muy tarde. ¿Cómo decirte esto? Estas cosas que yo me inventé para entretenerme mientras tú no estás aquí o yo no estoy allá porque será mi culpa la distancia. Ya no confío y supongo que nunca confíe. No en ti, en nosotros.


  15. going throu

    i remember why I smoked

    why i needed to ease the pain

    why i need to kill the pain

    it’s not pain actually

    i’m rotten

    that’s it

    i’m rotten

    i’m decaying step by step

    thought by thought

    silence by silence

    every word kept inside

    just rottens me more

    drives me insane

    and i just say the random shit left

    in my fucked up mind

    and people think is funny

    but who cares what people think, right?


    well i think i care

    i think i care cause i want to people care about what i think of them

    and i know they do

    cause they are all shallow

    i know i’m not the only one felling this empty

    but this is my emptiness

    and only i can feel it

    so don’t talk about empathy

    cause there’s not such thing

    i’m just feeling lonely

    so just leave me alone